Research Projects

Fingerprinting of Garut Local Sheeps

Supported by PT Bio Farma (Persero)

PI : Dr. Topik Hidayat

Big Data Analytics on Health

Supported by PT Bio Farma (Persero)

PI: Dr. Husna Nugrahapraja

Development of Biosimilar

Supported by PT Bio Farma (Persero)

PI: Dr. Acep Purqon

Community Empowerment and Services

Smart Village Development using Remote Sensing and UAV Technology at Sumedang

PI : Prof. Ketut Wikantika

Fruit storage chamber for banana local farmers and sellers

PI : Dr. Fenny M. Dwivany

Ethnobotanical studies in Badui Tribe

PI : Dr. Topik Hidayat

Integrated farming for small medium enterprises (SMEs) at Samigaluh

PI : Dr. Wiratni

Community empowerment for ex-Indonesian Migrant Workers (Woman-TKW) in West Java

PI : Dr. Husna Nugrahapraja

Planned Events and Services

  • Metabolomics Talk, 2019 (past event)

        IPB University, Bogor, 19 December 2019

        ITB, Bandung, 21 December 2019

        UGM, Yogyakarta, 2 March 2020

  • Conferences, seminars
  • Hands on training in Metabolomics
  • Specialty coffee workshop
  • Artisan chocolate workshop
  • Standardization in industry workshop
  • Webinars by renowned world class researchers from top universities
  • Metabolomics service provider: from experimental design to data analysis
  • Native English proofreading services for manuscript submission
  • Workshop on Capacity Building
  • Workshop on Big Data Analytics for Life Science
  • Workshop on Scientific Writing

Planned Events and Services

  • Metabolomics
  • Legal Consultation
  • Transcriptomics
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Industry Quality Control
  • Remote Sensing
  • Post-harvest Consultation

Strategi Forti

Pelayanan kepada individu, institusi akademik, dan perusahana.
Serving individuals, academic institutions, and enterprises.

Past Event Metabolomics Talk Bandung dan Jogja